Trading Courses

Trading Courses ClientsTrading Pursuits offer a range of trading courses that are delivered in a live environment, at comfortable hotel conference rooms around the country.

Our multi-day trading courses are catered with lunch, morning and afternoon teas, and each event is normally attended by over 100 clients, making it an ideal networking and social event that attracts like-minded people.

Our flagship course is based around the Writing Covered Calls with CFDs income-generating strategy that marries the power of leverage with various risk management strategies.  For a full introduction to this strategy, click here to register for a free 2 hour seminar in your state.

TradeAbility Income

Writing Covered Calls with CFDs in a 3 day course.

This is Trading Pursuits' flagship course, and it is a course suitable for both beginners in the stock market, to more intermediate players who are looking for a new trading strategy. The TradeAbility Income strategy features leverage, downside protection, diversification and derivatives - concepts that will be fully explained in the 3 day course.

TradeAbility Income Plus

Covered Puts, Naked Puts, CFD Hedging and Advanced Fundamental Analysis in a 2-day weekend course.

This course is the second step in becoming a more well-rounded trader in terms of income strategies and understanding fundamental analysis, to put more arrows in your quiver. It also covers CFD Hedging, a concept that is essential to understand before moving on to the more advanced trading of FX and Futures.

TradeAbility Pro

CFDs, Options, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, and CFD Hedging in a self-paced home study course.

This home study package is ideal for people who would prefer to learn from home, rather than in a live course environment. It covers all the fundamentals of trading, including technical and fundamental analysis, and explains the derivatives CFDs and Options, and how it is possible to use them as a home trader.

TradeAbility Master

Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Futures in a 3 day course.

The TradeAbility Master course is the final course in the Trading Pursuits pyramid. It is designed to build upon the knowledge already established in previous courses, providing even more options for the more advanced trader. Learn how money moves from one economy to another, and how it is possible to be involved in that exchange.

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